Configuration.GenerateSchemaCreationScript doesn't quote column names no matter hbm2ddl.keywords


I have found a potential bug when exporting the DDL generated by a Fluent NHibernate mapping.

First, FNH has a potential issue when mapping collections to lists (i.e. AsList() mapping) because it hardcodes the "Index" column name to order elements in the list.

When NHibernate is configured with hbm2ddl.keywords=auto-quote AND!=none|validate THEN the SessionFactory automatically runs a SQL script with "Index" columns correctly quoted.

The bug activates when I want to export the DDL using Configuration.GenerateSchemaCreationScript.

Provided the following model (which can be replaced with a generic "Entity" class with a parent-child relationship)

public class ProductCategory
public virtual long Id { get; set; }

public virtual string Name { get; set; }

public virtual ProductCategory Parent { get; set; }

public virtual IList<ProductCategory> Children { get; set; }

and provided the following FNH mapping:

internal class ProductCategoryMapping : ClassMap<ProductCategory>
public ProductCategoryMapping()
Id(x => x.Id).GeneratedBy.Increment();

Map(x => x.Name).Not.Nullable();
References(x => x.Parent)

HasMany(x => x.Children)

Using the GenerateSchemaCreationScript with hbm2ddl.keywords=auto-quote and produces the following incorrect statement with MySQL 5 dialect

create table `ProductCategory` (Id BIGINT not null, Name VARCHAR(255) not null, Parent_id BIGINT, Index INTEGER, primary key (Id))

Unquoted index is wrong in MySQL syntax.

The problem ONLY occurs when I use GenerateSchemaCreationScript and not if I use GenerateSchemaUpdateScript with an active connection.

The Index column name is hardcoded in FNH and cannot be changed.

I think the above sample code should suffice. Small test case on the way






Antonio Anzivino



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