Using .Any() in combination with NHibernate and inheritance



I'm using NHibernat in combination with inheritance. That means I have a Parent and a Child object that inherit from each other, but that each have their own mapping file, so seperate tables are created.

I was having issues with the .Any() functionality when I do the following:

1 var value = session.Query<ParentObject>().Any(t => t.Name.Equals(name));

I've been debugging the NHibernate source code and I found out that when a Query i performed on an object, it also loops through all other class that inherit from it. This means that for an .Any function call, a result set of booleans is filled. But the strange thing is that in DefaultQueryProvider.cs (line 125) the following happens: return results[0];

The first result is the .Any result of my ChildObject, so the result from my ParentObject is completely ignored.

I made a UnitTest to prove this behavior:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 [TestMethod] public void TestInheritance() { var name = "test"; var sessionFactory = CreateSessionFactory(database2); using (var session = sessionFactory.OpenSession()) using (var transaction = session.BeginTransaction()) { var testObject = new ParentObject(); testObject.SetName(name); session.SaveOrUpdate(testObject); transaction.Commit(); var value = session.Query<ParentObject>().Any(t => t.Name.Equals(name)); Assert.IsTrue(value); } }

You would not expect this, but this unit test fails. If I test the same code with a class that doesn't have other classes inherit from it, the unit test passes.

I can make a workaround for this by using:

1 var value = session.Query<ParentObject>().FirstOrDefault(t => t.Name.Equals(name)) != null

but I just want to use the Any() functionality.

Does anyone maybe have a solution for this?





Alex Zaytsev


Pieter Willemsen



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