Possible race condition in ActionQueue.ExecuteActions


I already put this on the nhibernate-development mailing list because I wasn't sure if this is an actual NHibernate bug (back with 4.0.2GA, but since it apparently still exists over a year later and no replies on the ML, I decided to finally throw this up here (especially because we again tried to upgrade our libraries to latest and 4.1.1GA still shows the issue).

I randomly (and rarely) get an ArgumentOutOfRangeException in ActionQueue.ExecuteActions when committing an ITransaction (created by ISession.BeginTransaction) inside a TransactionScope:

In particular, the local size is something like 3 or 4 (depending on where I get the Exception and the number of entities affected), while list.Count is 0 when it happens. The loop iteration is mostly at the last index when it does; I've never seen it happen with an index lower than size-1 before.

Code looks pretty much like this:

(I noticed that committing the transaction also flushes the Session, so the session.Flush() there may not be necessary...)

The given code sample is called from a single thread (there is no manual multithreading going on, nor is there any async/await, Task.Run, Parallel.ForEach or whatever involved), although there are potentially multiple (distinct, non-related) threads running which also use their own instances of ISession. Sessions are not shared between threads, mostly because our own code isn't particularly thread-safe either; but in part also because Session-use is similar to the one illustrated above - using-Blocks inside methods without anything fancy around them.

I wasn't particularly successful in creating a minimum example that reproduces the issue, but my current workaround is patching the method to create a copy first:

And while this is still potentially problematic, it solved the exceptions we kept seeing every now and then; so it might be related to what ActionQueue.Execute does (either because the passed IExecutable is doing something to the execution list, or because the cleanup actions affect something afterwards)




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